//Top Kitchen Trends of 2019

Top Kitchen Trends of 2019

The kitchen is what makes a house a home and are what sell them as well. I’m here to tell you what is in for 2019 for arguably the best room of the house.


1) Concealed Storage:

Having the appearance of a clean and organized kitchen will always garner appeal. Accumulating various pots and pans and other storage for food you need a place to put everything, but make it out of sight.


2) Color

A pop of color can bring out accents either in the wood, granite or metal. You can add color to upholstery and the cabinets.


3) Use of Wood

People seem to love the rustic chic look and adding wood makes a connection to nature. With a variety of types of woods and colors you can mix and match to make your kitchen space your own forest.


4) Use of Raw Materials

Continuing on the nature theme, raw materials are coming into the kitchen. The use of stone, wood, and other minerals can get you back to basics in terms of material use.


5) Digital Technology

Contrasting the raw and rustic vibe, technology is bringing the kitchen to the modern age. With smart fridges, wi-fi enabled espresso machines or even a home brewing system.


There are many more trends for 2019, but with the right materials and storage, it will always be a place to build fond memories with friends and family.


Source: https://www.elledecor.com/design-decorate/trends/g23693937/kitchen-trends-2019/



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