//Home Design Trends of 2019

Home Design Trends of 2019

Looking to build your own home and not sure where to begin? Here are seven interior design trends to get you started on the right foot.


Plant life

That’s right. 2019 is all about bringing in the lush greenery of the outdoors and incorporating it into your living room with class. Remember—putting an ornamental fig tree may be easy enough, but keeping it green is another matter. Be sure to incorporate many windows in your household design so your rooms can be filled with sunlight.



The eco-friendly nature of a home is becoming increasingly important these days. Consider incorporating sustainability into your new home through energy-efficient windows or non-toxic paint. The thoughtfulness you put into building your home can really pay off environmentally in the end.


Bold colors, jewel tones

Grey color palettes are out and bold colors are back in—especially jewel tones. Be bold and creative with your furniture pieces, wall colors and even ceiling colors. 2019 is all about being authentically, unapologetically you.


Floral patterns

Have you been waiting to whip out your favorite floral prints? Now is your opportunity. You can incorporate floral patterns in your curtains, backsplashes, wallpaper—anything to make your new home pop with personality.


Spa inspiration

Opt in for the extravagant in your bathroom this year. Gorgeous, spa-like bathrooms are definitely a trend that we hope will stay. Whether that means a waterfall shower or a jacuzzi, embrace the self-care. Oh, and don’t forget the marble black walls and dim lighting.


Artisanal light fixtures

Sometimes the details are easy to overlook like the light fixtures but don’t brush them aside just yet. You can do a lot with the perfect, artisanal light fixture to really pull a room together. We recommend the Sputnik chandelier if you’re looking for ideas. Not only is it in style, but it will tie the mid-century modern look into your house.


Canopy beds

Last but not least, canopy beds are making a comeback. And why not? They are the definition of luxury and the perfect piece to make your simple bedroom that much more glamorous.


So don’t delay! If you’re looking for a team to help design and build your new home in the Metro Detroit area, give us a call. We will turn your dream home into a reality.


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